Wealth creation

Build financial security now to enjoy your lifestyle in the future

Investing is a process of building wealth for the long term. You can start with a lump sum, or make regular investments. The most important thing is to make a start. The longer your funds are invested, the more they will grow.

Some questions you may ask are:

Do I invest in property, shares, or managed funds? Should I diversify? What are the most tax effective investments available and is that important?

What does negative gearing really mean? What does risk and reward mean? Do I understand the risk of investing? Am I a long term investor and can I cope with volatility in the short term? Do I have the experience and knowledge to invest or should I seek professional advice?

We can help you answer these and provide advice on a number of strategies, including:

Managed funds
This provides you with access to many different types of investments that may not normally be available to individual investors.

Insurance bonds
This strategy has become increasingly popular for those saving for their children/grandchildren’s education.

Negative gearing
This is a strategy that involves borrowing funds to invest in an asset such as shares or property.